Step 1

What do I have to do to organise my first dance lessons with Wedding Dance Surrey ?

Your first dance song

  • Have you picked your first dance song ? If so, thats great we can start your wedding dance experience
  • You cant decide which song – Not a problem, pick a couple of songs and then your teacher can help you choose
  • You have no idea which song to choose – Also not a problem, have a browse through our wedding song lists and see if there are any you like then bring your choices to your teacher and they can help you choose.

Tip for picking your Wedding dance song – pick a song that means something to you both, listen to the lyrics and melodies.

Your dance experience

  • Do you have any dance experience ? No, dont worry none is required !
  • One of you is an absolute beginner and the other has some dance experience. If this is the case we may be able to utilise some of your dance skills
  • Learning a choreographed routine is easier than you think

How long will it take to learn ?

  • This really depends on what you want to learn, it can take from 1 hour.
  • You will need at least 5 lessons to learn a choreographed routine, a simple routine takes about 3 hours.
  • Lessons are taken in accordance with your timeframe and are subject to the teachers availability.
  • The more time you allow the better, as you wont get stressed ! However last minute lessons can also be arranged.

Your first dance

  • Your style of dance will really depend on your choice of music as your routine will be choreographed to this.
  • The routine will be as easy or as complicated as you wish.
  • We are used to little chats about the dress so dont worry !